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The Complete Guide to Research Paper Writing

Master the A-Z of research paper writing. Build your skills from the ground up and acquire the knowledge to successfully publish your work.

with Neha Agrawal

Founder WiseUp

Key Features

8+hours of recorded content

10+ exercises to grasp concepts

One-to-one LIVE doubt clearing


  • Ideal for students pursuing UG or PG programs in science and engineering disciplines.
  • Can be availed by students from other disciplines at their own discretion


Process of conducting scientific research

Write each section of a research article perfectly (with examples)

Avoid plagiarism and cite information correctly

Publication process for top peer-reviewed journals





of Completion

Lifetime access
to course material


Your roadmap to success

6 Sessions | 34 recordings | Total 8+ hours

  • Importance of scientific writing
  • Process of scientific research
  • Sections of a research article
  • Style of academic writing – Vocabulary & Nominalizations
  • Style of academic writing – Transitions & Cautious Style
  • Style of academic writing – Formal Tone
  • Overview of research sections
  • Introduction Section – Explanation
  • Introduction Section – Exercise
  • Introduction Section – Language Features & Checklist
  • Materials & Methods Section – Explanation
  • Materials & Methods Section – Exercise
  • Materials & Methods Section – Language Features & Checklist
  • Data, Results & Discussion
  • Results & Discussion Section – Explanation
  • Results & Discussion – Exercise
  • Results & Discussion – Language Features & Checklist
  • Alternating & Sequential flow
  • Conclusion Section – Explanation
  • Conclusion Section – Exercise
  • Conclusion – Language Features & Checklist
  • What is an abstract
  • Abstract Section – Explanation & Exercise
  • Critiquing an abstract exercise
  • Abstract Section – Language Features
  • What is plagiarism
  • Ways to avoid plagiarism (with examples)
  • Plagiarism examples & Turnitin
  • Citations & references
  • How to publish a research paper – impact factor, how to choose a journal
  • Research ethics and responsibilities
  • How to write a review paper
  • Additional resources & summary
  1. Jot down any questions or concerns during the course
  2. Once the course concludes, schedule a personalized one-to-one Zoom session via the portal, selecting from available time slots.
  3. Clarify all your doubts in a 30-minute live session with your mentor.


Relax. You’re in Wise Hands.

Meet Neha Agrawal, the Founder of WiseUp & SimplifyWork. She is not only an entrepreneur but also a seasoned public speaker, communication coach, and accomplished YouTuber. Armed with a Master’s degree from a prestigious Singaporean university and international work experience, Neha is on a mission to bring the innovative techniques of world-class universities to college students in India.


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The Complete Guide To Research Paper Writing

Learn the A-Z of research paper writing and acquire the skills to publish your research.



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Frequently asked questions

Yes, use PROMOCODE: RESEARCH25 to avail a 25% discount. Else use STEALDEAL to avail a 40% discount on the Bundled Plan (includes 2 courses (i) Mastering the Art of Research Presentations & (ii) The Complete Guide to Research Paper Writing). This is a limited period offer.

Certainly, upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded the certificate – “Certificate of Completion: Advanced Research Writing Skills”.

For the Bundled plan, you will receive an additional certificate – “Certificate of Completion: Advanced Research Presentation Skills”. Feel free to highlight it on your resume and enhance your profile for better career opportunities.

You can access the recordings for up to 1 year, and there’s no limit to how many times you can watch it. However, the course material can be downloaded and is thus available for a lifetime.

If you have any doubts post watching the sessions, you can schedule a one-on-one doubt-clearing session via your account portal.

Certainly, we have a comprehensive course where we share modern research presentation techniques and step-by-step process to be followed (Course Link)

You may also purchase the Bundled plan above which covers both courses (i) Research paper writing and (ii) Advanced research presentation skills

Absolutely! You can upload the draft on the account portal and schedule a one-on-one feedback session with us.

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The Complete Guide to Research Paper Writing