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The A-Z of Research Paper Writing & Presentation

Course to master the A-Z of research paper writing and acquire the skills to deliver impactful research presentations.

with Neha Agrawal

Founder WiseUp

Key Features

12+hours of recorded content

10+ exercises to grasp concepts

One-to-one LIVE doubt clearing


Ideal for UG, MS, & PhD students in Science & Engineering fields. However, students from other domains are also eligible as the process for crafting research papers and presentations remains universal across disciplines.


✅Write each research paper section perfectly

✅Best AI tools for research paper writing

✅Publication process for peer-reviewed journals

✅Modern PPT techniques to design research presentations

✅Oratory strategies for impactful PPT delivery





of Completion

Lifetime access
to course material


Your roadmap to success

8 Sessions | 1.5 hours per session | Total 12+ hours

  • Learn the importance of scientific writing
  • Understand the process of conducting scientific research
  • Identify best AI tools for literaturey survey
  • Learn to read a research paper effectively
  • Learn the style of academic writing
  • Receive an overview of research paper sections
  • Learn to write the Introduction Section following CARS model
  • Learn to write the Materials & Methods Section
  • Understand the nuances of a theoretical vs experimental research paper
  • Multiple exercises & examples
  • Learn to write the Results & Discussion Section
  • Understand Alternative & Sequential Flow
  • Identify best tools for creating graphs and illustrations
  • Learn to write the Conclusion Section
  • Multiple exercises & examples
  • Learn to write the abstract section
  • Explore and critique research paper samples
  • Understand plagiarism and how to avoid it
  • Identify best plagiarism detection tools
  • Multiple exercises & examples
  • Learn to cite and reference correctly
  • Identify best reference management softwares
  • Understand how to choose journals – subscription vs open access
  • Understand peer-reviewed publication process
  • Learn to write review papers & research proposals
  • Additional resources & summary
  • Learn to organize, structure, and time the content
  • Identify common errors in research presentations
  • Learn to prepare a research presentation template
  • Learn to choose a colour scheme
  • Learn to manage the amount of text on slides
  • Understand how to prepare impactful visuals
  • Learn to design infographics by breaking, merging, grouping shapes
  • Learn to use and source vectors/icons
  • Learn to use animations to advantage
  • Resources to generate new design ideas
  • Learn the art of scripting for impactful delivery
  • Sharpen oratory skills – voice, language, pace & pauses
  • Work on body language for confident presentation delivery
  • Learn to handle questions
  • Learn to design scientific poster making (with cxamples)
  • Resources & summary
  1. Jot down any questions or concerns during the course
  2. Once the course concludes, schedule a personalized one-to-one Zoom session via the portal, selecting from available time slots.
  3. Clarify all your doubts in a 30-minute live session with your mentor.


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Meet Neha Agrawal, the Founder of WiseUp & SimplifyWork. She is not only an entrepreneur but also a seasoned public speaker, communication coach, and accomplished YouTuber. Armed with a Master’s degree from a prestigious Singaporean university and international work experience, Neha is on a mission to bring the innovative techniques of world-class universities to college students in India.


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Frequently asked questions

Yes, use PROMOCODE: STEALDEAL to avail a 40% discount on the course A-Z of Research Writing & Presentation (Premium Plan). Else, use PROMOCODE: : RESEARCH25 to avail a 25% discount on the Basic Plan. This is a limited period offer.

Our Basic Plan includes the Research Paper Writing Course, featuring 5 sessions on writing and publishing research papers. By choosing this plan, you can enjoy a discount of up to 25%.

For a more comprehensive learning experience, our Premium Plan offers the Research Paper Writing Course along with an additional Research Presentation Course. This inclusive plan consists of a total of 8 Sessions, comprising 5 sessions for the Research Paper Writing Course and 3 sessions for the Research Presentation Course. Moreover, participants in the Premium Plan will be awarded 2 Certificates of Completion instead of 1. Opting for this plan allows you to avail a more significant discount of up to 40%, making it a more economical choice.

Certainly! Upon successful completion of the course requirements, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. One Certificate for the Research Paper Writing Course and another Certificate for the Research Presentation Course. Feel free to highlight it on your resume/CV to enhance your profile for better academic and professional opportunities.

You can access the recordings for up to 1 year, and there’s no limit to how many times you can watch it. However, the course material can be downloaded and is thus available for a lifetime.

If you have any doubts post watching the sessions, you can schedule a one-on-one doubt-clearing session via your account portal.

While individual research paper reviews are not included in the course, please don’t hesitate to bring up any doubts or questions during the doubt clearing session. Your queries are more than welcome!

Once you sign up for the course, check your email for login credentials on the same email address you used to register. Use the credentials to log to the portal here.

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The A-Z of Research Paper Writing & Presentation